[Answered] Appropriate Separation

Question: What is the appropriate separation between you and other aircraft. I’ve seen 6, 5, 2 miles but what should you look for when approaching?

While on approach frequency, 3 miles lateral or 1000ft vertical separation from other aircraft and terrain.

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when on final depends. if both the aircraft are of same category with approach speed aroind 130-140 knts. keep 4nm seperation. when you are 130-140 range and aircraft ahead you is dash 8 or citation X consider 5nm. when following cesna or GA. keep atleast 6nm. and when you are slower one following a faster aircraft anywhere above 3nm is good. rest you are pilot if there is no approach freq. Tower can only sequence you and request your speed to be slow or fast. yourself keep your best seperation ** to avoid go around**


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Radar Control Manual v4. Point 3 Seperation.

Adding this which comes directly from the manual.

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