Answer To Update Crash

One suggestion I have for everyone with the new update is to uninstall Infinite Flight, downgrade IOS 10.X
After, update back to ios 11 and reinstall Infinite Flight, which shouldn’t be crashing.

Video Tutorial-

How does one downgrade their iOS?

forgot to add in the link.

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This isn’t a great idea for a couple of reasons:

  1. Downgrading your iOS model may put you and your tablet at a greater risk of a breach of your personal information.

  2. A lot of scenarios where the app has crashed has actually been solved by upgrading the iOS model to the lastest 11.2.

I understand where you’re coming from M8.

I think the issue is with people who have IOS 10 and need to be on IOS 11, as that is how we think is one way to solve the issue maybe. We don’t know yet. Everyone who has IOS has the app working for them.

We need to keep everything in the main crash thread. There’s information in here that contradicts what was in the main crash thread.