Ansett 747-400 Sydney 2000 olympics livery

This is pretty much your bog standard Ansett 747-400 except with Sydney 2000 Olympics titles

Bit of Back history
One of 2 Boeing 747-400s leased from Singapore airlines, in 1999 VH-ANA was sent to maintenance and received a repaint and the additional Sydney 2000 olympics titles, this aircraft was taken back by Singapore airlines when Ansett MK1 collapsed
I would like to see this as it is a fitting tribute to Ansett

Source is aussieairliners VH-ANA

I would recommend adding more substance, such as why you would like the aircraft, etc.

Definitely a beautiful livery though!

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Well, you gotta love Ansett, this would be cool if it came (maybe with the crj too)

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Lot of Ansett Proud requests as of late.

I would consider voting for your own request

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Such a beautiful aircraft! I definitely needed when the 747 rework comes!