Another year another Christmas at PDX

I was originally supposed to be spotting yet again in Bozeman but with everything virus related going on right now it was best that I did planespotting at PDX which in all honesty doesn’t make sense since PDX is larger than BZN but I would never turn down a chance to go planespotting so I agreed with the only option that I had so me and my mom booked a hotel room at my favorite kind of hotel! An airport hotel! Although even though it did have a small view of the airplanes turning from runway 10R immediately after takeoff towards waypoint riverr which I believe is so that it can reduce the amount of noise going to the large shopping center with large department stores with well known names that will or have no interest in going to now or in the future but am happy to anyway because of the airplanes and speaking of which here are some pictures that I took this past week at PDX!

Date of the pictures: 12/22/20
The first picture is of a Spirit Airlines A320NEO exiting 28R after landing from Las Vegas.

The next airplane I saw was a Delta E175 which had a very short takeoff roll which in turn gave me the opportunity to take this unique picture of the airplane.
Next up for takeoff was this Southwest Airlines 737-800 taking off on 28R.

Next up is a United Airlines 737-800 in the new livery heading out to Denver.

After that I went over to 28L and watched an Alaska Airlines E175 off to SFO.

Next up are some UPS planes featuring the A300 and the B757. The A300 taking off to Philadelphia.
The 757 that I mentioned landed from Louisville.

Along with that I saw an Asia Pacific 757-200F taking off on runway 28L for Seattle BFI.
After its departure I went back to runway 28R just in time to witness this Delta 737-900 takeoff bound for Atlanta

Last but not least is this United Airlines 737-900 taxing to the gate from Denver Colorado.
Thank you for taking a look at my photos and I hope you have a great day or night!


Woohoo! Alaska! Very nice photos!

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Nice photos!

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I recommend some contrast… looks… smoky.

Great picture!


I tested out your recommendation and worked beautifully. Thank you so much @Alec!

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