Another way to Design airports without paying for Xplane?

Is there any way to design an airport without playing for Xplane and the whole pizazz? :)

You can get the XPlane demo.

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If you get the X-Plane 10 demo it still works.

Oh sweet. Thanks fam

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Most airport editors don’t use X-Plane to check airports. We edit airports with an application called WED (World Editor), which is free. Then you submit your airport for review and wait for the next app update to see your design


But you need the XPlane demo for WED to work Sean

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Oh ok, cause what I saw in one of the IF vids (not sure if it was from IF) is you have to download x-plane for the WED. ??

Oh that’s right, I didn’t remember that! You have to download the (free) X-Plane 10 demo, and you can delete most of the files (including X-Plane 10 Demo itself) if you’re low on storage space. The X-Plane folder is where WEDBing (a Web application used to accurately line up an airport with its real world position) pulls airports from, and also where custom scenery (basically your edited airports) are stored for WED.

tl;dr: Download X-Plane 10 demo for free and you can design airports for Infinite Flight


I got it. Prepare for a full rework of KASE. My favorite airport apart from KTEX. (Home airport)

With all due respect, I don’t think KASE needs a rework - it has been done multiple times, and the chances are we are unlikely to accept it due to the quality it is already at. Small improvements are fine, but I wouldn’t waste your time on an overhaul (you could spend that time on KTEX, for example) :)

By the way, make sure you follow the guide fully and make a note on the Issue Tracker that you are doing this airport. Thanks!


I could do KTEX, but I didn’t see it on the ZDV (Denver) map.

We have it in the repo though in preparation for global flight. Email if you want more info and want into our Slack team :)

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