Another Update, New Complaints: Let's talk.

There are people starving , homeless, fighting wars and so forth . Those of us who are blessed to be able to even discuss such an issue is a great blessing in itself. I am extremely happy how far this simulator has gone and where it is going !


Something that severely needed to be said to some ungrateful users. Thank you.

Buying a subscription to a service is not buying a share of ownership in that service. Your subscription buys you the ability to use the online server and some of the airplanes. It does not buy you the rights to control what gets added.

I also voted for the Pilatus PC-12. The TBM is a similar aircraft, probably a better one if we’re being honest. It’s gonna allow me to explore a new type of flight in this game, and I’m excited about it.


I think people have a right to complain paying $100 a year for a service (Not that I was).

Let them complain we don’t have to tell them how ‘ungrateful’ they are.

I know this is a unpopular opinion.


can I have a Link to the announcement?

I haven’t seen it!

Here’s a rundown of what has been announced.
Good day!


Love he idea of more GA aircraft! Hopefully we can get more controlled towers allowing pattern work!

I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. I’m going to fly the crap out of the TBM and enjoy every minute of it. I’m not biased as I would have liked an A330 rework as well. However, i’m not complaining about this new addition to the fleet at all, it’s awesome!

This is just like the global update for android and IOS getting released at different times. Understand that everyone is paying for the same subscription and you can’t make everyone happy with every update, that’s life. Some people are happy now and others later, that’s just the way it is.

They just did the MD/DC and currently doing the CRJ series. Chill out and let the GA crowd get some attention right now. I’m sure commercial additions and the A330 rework is in their pipeline.

That is all.


I do agree that the sim has plenty of airliners, and very few GA aircraft.

I personally wish to be a pilot myself, and I’m becoming the age where I can begin flight training. I don’t have money for an instructor in a full motion sim, so I would use IF to practice in an aircraft I’d likely fly for training. While the new GA aircraft is most definitely not a trainer, I’d rather practice in that then flying a 737.


are we seriously getting replay in live. i always wanted to enjoy my landing which i missed. :)


Good topic but lets be realistic here…This is the internet and people are going to say whatever they want. Complaints and criticisms will never go away.

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Yes but then they thought our opinions on A330 rework, A340 rework, Concorde and A350 were wrong and they forced us into regional jets or nothing. Then they did an A-10 rework
Because 500+ peoples opinions are wrong

Yes the A-10 would need a rework eventually to get to the level of the entire fleet, but it wasn’t wanted, and other planes should have been prioritised, B737, B757, A321, A340, A330

I said it earlier but trust me, the two new planes will not be loved, just like the CRJ they will be ignored after a few days


I am going to love the two new planes and I have definitely not ignored the CRJ. Now that we have global it makes long-haul flight easy. These two new aircraft along with the CRJ makes it even easier to do short and fun hops. They never forced us into regional jets. If we look at the quality of the jets, the A321 is relatively new compared to the others and the 737 graphics are much better than those of the A-10. Let’s just chill out and remember, at the end of the day, this is FDS’s game and they get to make all the calls. We have plenty of airliners as is and this update is just diversifying the types of aircraft.

Would the C170 be more realistic or not for training?

What does FDS stand for

Flying Development Studios. They developed Infinite Flight.

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Ok i was wondering as well what it meant.

You sir took the words right of my mouth. Nice detailed post that explains everything right to the T. I feel like everyone should know that the Devs can’t put all the aircraft in the games as well as their liveries, and that they are putting in 100% each day. The work they put in 24/7 is truly phenomenal and deserves some praises. We just need to take it day by day to present a game that everyone can enjoy and be proud of.

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Come on guys. Think about it. When you go to the select aircraft menu, you have over 40 airliners, 4 GA planes, and less than 10 fighters. These categories need attention because they can allow for more cool and unique flights that can allow us to enjoy the scenery and just have some fun. Yes, I voted for the A330 rework. Yes, I am a tad bit disappointed to not see it. However, the new changes are awesome and can allow us to enjoy these VFR flights even more and are probably more accurate and better for pattern work as well. Just my $.02

I’ve been staying fairly neutral in this topic so far. But I just wanted to raise the point that the A10 was in far worse condition than the 330, and the developers were getting support topics often about the engines just cutting out. I think they will work on the A10 for just a month or two and release it, it seems to be close to release now anyways. I’d be suprised if it was reworked to super extreme quality too, I think it’s going to be a touch up and enhancement but not a ground up rework. Well have to see about that though.

I think if they work real hard to get it out quickly and possibly use it as a test bed for new features like suspension, etc.

I agree with you that the A10 was very out of the blue but it’s litterallty falling apart, let them work on it for a little while.

Meanwhile, I did vote for the A330 rework as many airlines are unrepresented, especially in the long haul market. Such as Iberia, Aer Lingus, Finnair, as well as it’s one of the liveries not represented on American. However, I’d rather a quick rework so the Developers are ready to tackle a bigger aircraft.

In my list of aircraft I’m excited to see, it’s plainly obvious I like airliners but it’s alwats good to mix it up occasionally with a GA, it was well overdue.