Another Update, New Complaints: Let's talk.

Hello Everybody,

FDS recently announced that they will ship a couple new planes and other features later this year. We’ll be able to fly the Socata TBM930, a renewed version of the A-10 and the CRJ-200/-900/-1000. In addition to the new planes, we’ll also get to see 15m imagery in South America as well as a Replay mode in Live and some performance updates.

Given that a lot of users always wanted some GA planes, everyone should be exited by that news. I mean, what’s better than a new GA aircraft? Correct! Two of them (Yeah, one is a fighter, but it’s not an airliner, so it’s fine).

But now? I see a lot of complains. It’s basically always the same. Something like “Oh, why did they choose that one? The other one had much more votes!” or “I want the A330 or the A350!”. Or “Why don’t they listen to the community? We pay for the game!”.

To be honest, I got annoyed reading everything and replying to each and every one of them. So I thought, I could open a little thread.

Are you kidding me guys?

FDS doesn’t listen to us? Come on! They added the MD-11/DC-10 because of us. They added the CRJ because of us. They added Global because of us (they’d probably have added that one anyway, but it was a big feature suggestion, so yeah). My point is: They do listen. They do watch the suggestions category. Of the many new features that are definitely going to be added in the future, at least 3 of them have been feature suggestions.

Now, it might be possible that they won’t add the feature with the highest number of votes. So? It’s THEIR simulator. It’s THEIR game. One plus one is two, so it’s THEIR decision. If they decide not to add for example the A350 because it’s quite new even though it had the highest number of votes, than it’s fine. We have to accept that. They added something else instead. And if Laura prefers her favorite plane, the TBM930 over the PC-12, which has more votes, than it’s fine as well. The differences in the game would have been minor anyway. The planes are quite similar.

Yes, we do pay for the simulator. But we don’t pay them to add what we want. We pay them to use what we have right now. We can suggest things. We can vote for things. We can dream, and pray, and hope, and create petitions, and write a letter, and create a television spot, and become the President of the United States to get the stuff added we want. But we can’t force FDS to add it. It’s their game. It’s their decision.

So, to bring this novel to an end, I want to add one last thing:

Yes, I did vote for the PC-12. Yes, I’d love to see some other stuff in the game as well. That’s natural. But I’m not complaining. I prefer to look forward to what’s coming next, to look forward to use the new stuff, and to look forward to what comes afterwards. FDS has never disappointed us. And even though they added something in the past that might not have been the thing with the highest number of votes, I think we all enjoy it today anyway.

And with that being said: Have great day, or night. Enjoy flying. God save the Queen. Happy Landings. Greetings from the land of Chocolate and Cheese.



Wow! Way to sum it up and I couldn’t agree more!


Looks great! I don’t think I saw the post about those planes. Where was it?
EDIT: at the Expo. Never mind.

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And same here! Well said.

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Very well said! I couldn’t agree more.

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A little positivity never hurt someone!

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Couldn’t agree more. Very well said. Can’t wait for the new update! :)


I’m with the other guys here as well. I usually enjoy most updates these Devs put out. People may not be able to get what they want but they should appreciate what we have.

I agree with you.

Usually I just roll along with whatever they release. All I know is that I’m getting a new feature

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Very well said! I think it’s great that we are getting some new GA and Military stuff. Yea of course the A350 would be nice but think about the kind of detail they are putting into the CRJ.


To Be Thankful for what you have!
To Appreciate what you’ve got!
To be Grateful for all their (FDS) work they put in for both you and me to have an wonderful experience in the IF…

Where did it go? Where did these three key words disappear to? Will you ever show your gratitude towards what you have been given…?

I am in agreement to an 100% extent!
- If you want something, then give it time.
- If you want something that comes with good quality then give it time.
- If you want something that is valuable then give it time.

A330, A350, Taxiway Lights, and etc… etc… will come when the time is right! Learn to show value to what you have rather than screaming for more. We haven’t even got all the CRJ models yet, so please give it time.
Time is Judgemental!


When is it enough for you guys to be satisfied. There is a lot of hard work and dedicated time that goes into IF - for us. Keep you complaints to yourself, or dicuss it with your pet(s). Enjoy everything you pay for and what IF offers. The A350 and taxi lights will come when they come. Africa HD scenery has just been released a month or two ago, along with the CRJ-700. Geez.


Who’s complaining? IF is amazing

As much as I agree with this, there’s always going to be people who complain too much. It’s just human nature. I think what those people have to consider is 1. You’re getting a new feature-that’s better than none, and 2. FDS isn’t just looking into the present moment. They’re thinking long term. If the A330 and A350 were reworked and added this update, there would still be those people who would want more. But FDS would be losing money because I don’t think reworking the A330 and adding the A350 in would bring in many new players. It would just keep the current players intrigued, but eventually ideas would run out and they would lose money. If they hold off on those, and add small but nice updates to up the general quality of the game, split by large additions like the CRJ, 787, A350, etc, they can keep more people engaged for a longer period of time.

Great Job Marc, everyone should just appreciate that they got a new aircraft. I can’t wait to fly from St. George to Aspen in the new 930!

There are people starving , homeless, fighting wars and so forth . Those of us who are blessed to be able to even discuss such an issue is a great blessing in itself. I am extremely happy how far this simulator has gone and where it is going !


Something that severely needed to be said to some ungrateful users. Thank you.

Buying a subscription to a service is not buying a share of ownership in that service. Your subscription buys you the ability to use the online server and some of the airplanes. It does not buy you the rights to control what gets added.

I also voted for the Pilatus PC-12. The TBM is a similar aircraft, probably a better one if we’re being honest. It’s gonna allow me to explore a new type of flight in this game, and I’m excited about it.


I think people have a right to complain paying $100 a year for a service (Not that I was).

Let them complain we don’t have to tell them how ‘ungrateful’ they are.

I know this is a unpopular opinion.


can I have a Link to the announcement?

I haven’t seen it!

Here’s a rundown of what has been announced.
Good day!