Another unfair report (expert server)

I was the Lufthansa 762 Super

In Frankfurt, I wanted to taxi to runway 36

And (Sergio) was controlling ground!

And said me to go to 07C

I wanted to change the runway to runway 36 because it was the largest, and I was taxiing slowly after send to him the (ready taxi to runway 36) and I was waiting for him to tell me something like make 180 or go back and taxi to x runway but NO he reported me immediately!!

Please contact @appeals and they will help you with your inquiry

You can also contact the controller about this report as well and talk it out about what happened. The controller was @sergio_campero at the time

Why didn’t you taxi to Runway 07C like ATC said?

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bruh if it was in ATIS use runway 07C, and/or that’s what the ATC said before you began taxiing, then follow instructions

You should contact appeals for any violation reversals. Also, you must always follow all instructions ATC gives you. There could be a reason he did not want to send you to 36.

Because I wanted to choose runway 36 because I was in an A380 and the runway was available, no traffic around it

Guys we don’t need to berate him. All we need to do is get him in contact with people that can help him out with the issue at hand

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did I berate? chill

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I will let you discuss with the controller but I will let you know that IRL A380s take off from 7/25C all the time. It is the main runway for them…

Hope your Violation gets solved.

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You were just the last comment at the time 😂

Yes ATIS said that the runway 36 was available

Did ATC ever respond to your request for runway 36?

then contact the IFATC and it should have a happy ending. if not then L


Just post in appels

Contact appeals the amount of posts made by people like you are astounding… there is no need for a post

Are you sure it was available for takeoffs?

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He wants to understand what he did wrong.

Idk the last atis change was at 2223Z and i dont see in the atis rwy 36 for departures, only 7C, 7L, 7R and 18

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