Another successful landing

Hi everyone, first of all I’m very glad to be part of this community, and super happy after every successful landing.
I’m grade 1 of course with 5h of flight time online, and 5 landings.
Using exclusively Dash8 Q400 and flying out of EGPH Edinburgh, which is my local airport, to Outer Hebrides and Shetland. Always windy out there so I’m learning a bit hard way.
My last landing at EGPB was 18G23 and I touched down reasonable good.
Was impossible at the beginning but with practicing on solo flight adding winds and learning to use rudder and pitch trim I’m really getting better. Every successful landing is no less than pleasure.
This forum is absolutely great an essential to read, many thanks to Mark Denton, his tutorials are key for learning.
So I’m looking forward to grade 2, and see you out there guys…


Welcome to the forum, glad you’re enjoying Infinite Flight ✈️


Welcome to the community! Hope you enjoy your stay😁

And congratulations on your flight. Keep it up and hope to see you on expert server soon✈️ Fly High!!

Glad you leaning now. I’m grade 3 and just starting to use it

Nice to hear! Keep it up!

Hello there, and welcome to the community. Nice to hear you are enjoying it so far

You are probably better to land than I am and I am grade 4 😉


Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to catching you out there and spotting these landings!

Hi and welcome, definitely better at landings because I cannot even get the dash in the air 🤣
One hint? Go and have a look into the tutorials, it helped me a lot when I started 😉

True, tutorials are key…
My self at the beginning I thought there was something wrong with my device, aircraft was literally turning 90° of runaway just before rotate. My takeoffs are very awkward with side winds, but as I said, is getting better…


Hey bud! Good job! Keep flying! I received many violations before I really got the hang of it, but this community is awesome at helping you with flying tips! Welcome!

Hey Joe,

Happy to hear about your progress, and perhaps even happier to hear you are here with us on this great IF Community Forum (IFC). Hope you will stick around and learn and contribute.

Have fun!

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after reading this you are already one of my favorite pilots, because being new you already know the community and decided to learn from him and in the game before starting a bigger adventure, this will help you a lot especially about violations issues and everything, because you allowed yourself to learn, it was basically what I did when I arrived at the IF about 1/5 years ago, welcome and enjoy the game.

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I am still very happy every good landing I do, although I am Grade 4.


Welcome to the community!! Very glad you are enjoying IF and already focusing on doing good landings after only 5 flights! The number 1 goal of IF is to provide realism, so having pilots like you who are dedicated to this goal help move the community forward! Hope you keep flying and soon enough you will be on TS then Expert! Can’t wait to see you on Expert! Keep up the good work!

One pro tip to keep in mind as you move up the ranks: This forum is your friend! Read it, there are so many helpful posts especially in the tutorials section! Especially when you get to Live ATC commands, you’ll need it big time!

Great to see you enjoying IF and IFC! Practice and you’ll be able to land many aircraft safely. Hope to see you on Expert soon!

Welcome Joe, 👍

Welcome to Infinite Flight and the Infinite Flight Community! Glad to hear you’re doing great. I look forward to finding you on Expert in no time! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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