Another subject on ATC and weird players

Okay, this subject is truly hell, anyone can give a good answer, so many post about weird player and good controllers, and no changement has be done for today, so i trough a rock in water:
I have left IF since 1-2 weeks because i want global and the lot of bad players leave me from TS1 AND expert server (that’s personnal reason don’t debate of this) and today i decided to dismiss my anger and back controlling.

I controlled KONT on TS1 this afternoon, and i have to report 90% doesn’t know his left and his right, or don’t respect ATC patterns instructions,
[when controller set you a runway (like 26L and 26R), also when departure, if controller told you to make a turn, respect left/right command.]
Then, if you see an highway of plane on your map, especially on patterns before final and on ground at hold short point, don’t try to make non sense with inbound on wrong way,
I was so impressed by player who can spawn and start so quick, how can you know if take off clearance is right ? Why take off from taxi ? From parking ?

I have to noticed to all players that you don’t fly a plane like you drive a car, airport inboud and road is very complicated, you have to study and learn before takeoff, specially map, inbound and other aircraft around you.

What solutions forum give to players like me:
-Pass an exam of IFATC, but personnaly i don’t wan’t ,i think i would enjoy my game without any lessons and supplement exams i don’t need, because i have my personal knowledge (runway agent) and i learned so much with forum tuto and Mark’s video

-play casual, , because i can’t control expert and many players on casual are grade3-5 who test or train themselves

-leave the game and just fly with plane, and don’t control anymore,

that’s the best way i should take, because we don’t have solution or response for the problems, and we can’t take any players by hands to train and learned the good way to play IF
I think my subject will be close very quickly, because, i don’t know why, moderator doesn’t want to listen this problem particulary, but for my mind i think this destroy IF realism, and i’m sure some of weird player don’t want to play like that, this is just troll or bad knowledges of basic civil avitions rules


Well you did answer your own questions, one of them was a viable solution for IFATC.

If its commonplace knowledge for you, its possible to pass and control within a few hours.

Just a quiz and practical. Just let a recruiter know you are interested and if you met the criteria set, they quickly issue the quiz and do a practical as soon as convenient for both.

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But that’s not my goal, i think i can speak from player like me who just want enjoy the pleasure of controlling 1 or 2 hours sometime, and don’t have study and exam themselves (like me, i’m absolutly not confirmed to check approach and departure, but i’m very good at tower and ground) 😀

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If you know the knowledge then surely it would be easy to take the test, you only have to know Tower and ground to get into IFATC

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And my revendications where not too much i think, know his left/right and and keep an eye on your map to watch other airplane is not the biggest difficult you can meet in iF

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Well i don’t know that, but i have to notice you espert server becole the same way to TS1, some bad players had now ability to fly on with time.

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Join IFATC. It’s very enjoyable and even more relaxing almost times than TS1 controlling. All because people follow the rules 🙂