Another step closer | Instrument FAA written complete

Today I’m one step closer to being able to fly with my head in the clouds. I have to say this test was a lot easier to study for then the PPL.

Now to get those flying hours in so I can take the practical.


Nice job buddy! Looking forward to seeing the next steps in your journey. ☁️


Congrats! Out of curiousity, what score do you need to pass?

All FAA tests are 70%


Congratulations! Good luck on the rest of the testing 😊

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So like at schools here.

Congratulations Brandon. Keep up the amazing progress and success.

Congrats with the nice score Brandon! Keep it up like this. It will be worth it. Cheers!

Nice! Now get that HP and multi so you can log some king air time πŸ˜‰


Congratulations Brandon! Now go have have fun in the aircraft ;)

Already have the high performance complex endorsement 😜

What is this? I did ATPL. This seems like a inhouse test?

Excellent! One step closer to the future for you! Good luck. πŸ€

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Hey great job! Can’t wait to get his far myself πŸ™„. I get my ground kit next week, my second flying lesson was last week!

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This is the FAA written test for an instrument rating.

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Just wondering, do you think you want to move on to airline once you have you commercial, instrument, and multi engine.

No probably not i’m too old

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