Another Spring Equinox ... and it's my birthday!

Today is the Spring Equinox, at which the daytime and nighttime are equally divided. And coincidentally, my birthday falls on this exact day of the year.

What a year! I won myself a place in the editing team in June (in the Moritz Hunting contest), and it changed my IF career. I’ve spent most of my IF sessions editing since then, and with several airports being done, I launched Project China with @Korgast. Before I realize it, it has become the most liked “Project X” topic in the category, securing over 115 likes and counting! What’s more, I was honored to earn the role of Airport Reviewer last Winter and have since been ensuring quality control of the project and mentoring new editors.

And speaking of liveries, I am more than excited to see 2 of my request got confirmed. The Juneyao Air Colorful Floral is also lucky enough to be the first livery that’s been chosen by a community poll since the change of category rule. I can never imagine it this time last year!

On this special day, I wish all the best for myself, for Infinite Flight, and for everyone reading this post! Looking forward to seeing what’s in store this year!

This photo of ZYTL basically wraps up the year. Coming to a device near you soon!


Beautiful, eventful and elegant? Sounds like a good year for you ngl! Happy birthday, congrats for surviving another year of life. Cheers 🍾🥂

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Happy belated birthday

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