Another Spotting Trip to the North | Berlin, August 29/30, 2019

Hi once again!

Only one week after my trip to Frankfurt Airport I left home again for another trip to an airport different than Munich. Another train ride brought me to Berlin (Yes, they actually have an airport there). While last week’s topic was dominated by long haul aircraft and Lufthansa, Berlin Tegel sees a very different type of traffic. Due to this, as well as due to the fact that the light wasn’t that great, this topic might not be as impressive as the last one but there still were some nice specials you don’t get to see very often.

But let’s start with a “normal” movement at Tegel Airport. Fittingly, it’s not a normally painted plane, but Easyjet’s “Berlin” livery promoting the important hub for the airline. Since the bankruptcy of airberlin, the airline is the biggest operator at the field.

Also kind of a regular visitor to Berlin but way more rare is this small prop plane - The A400M Atlas operated by the German Air Force, or as it is called in German: Luftwaffe.

A lot smaller for real now: The absolute avgeek on here might notice a little anomaly here: While the plane is wearing a Luxair livery, the plane isn’t registered in Luxemburg but in Slovenia. This is due to the fact that the regular flights between Berlin and Saarbrücken are operated by Adria Airways.

Let’s stay with another tiny airplane. In contrast to nations such as Japan, the US or Germany which all operate huge aircraft as their Air Force 1, Greece only operates a Gulfstream and the Embraer 145 seen here, leaving Berlin after the first visit of the new Greek President to Germany.

There aren’t only narrowbodies operating to and from Berlin. The regular (yet not daily) flight from Toronto performed by Air Canada Rouge is using a Boeing 767. Due to the short length of the southern runway usually utilized for takeoffs heavy aircraft use the northern runway for their departures regularly.

If you’re following my topics closely, you might have already seen this airline already. While BRA served Innsbruck using their Avro RJ85 and RJ100 during winter, they are sending their ATR 72 to Berlin.

Heavy jets are using the northern runway? Well, not always - This 767 flying for Mongolian Airlines - as written on the fuselage - the flag carrier of Mongolia, is flying to Ulan Bator with a stopover in Moscow resulting in a relatively light load.

As the capital of Germany, Berlin sees many government flights. While the new Airport Berlin Brandenburg already has a temporary terminal for government flights, it will not go into service before the new airport opens as well, so Tegel will have these special flights for at least one more year (or until the new airport is completed, rebuilt or whatever will be done to have it open some day). Therefore, the Luxair CRJ wasn’t the only plane from Slovenia I got to spot during my two days at the airport.

Easyjet not only has a “Berlin” special livery. As Austria is the country where easyjet Europe has its AOC, one airplane also wears an “Austria” livery depicting the alps. This might also be seen as a reference to the airline’s callsign which is “Alpine”.

While I know the airline from Munich, the Dash-8 of LOT doesn’t usually visit Munich. Let’s call it luck that the one time I can spot one of their turboprops, it’s the one wearing the 100 years Aeroklub Polski livery.

Can you guess which state this BBJ belongs to? Hint: it’s not T7 aka San Marino. After a state visit in Berlin, Palestine’s president, Mahmud Abbas left Berlin again, probably headed to Amman since it’s rather unlikely this plane is allowed to land at Israel’s main airport in Tel Aviv.

Next to the government planes and Mongolian Airlines, there was one more flag carrier landing last Thursday. And this time, this has to be taken literally - airbaltic’s Lithuania flag livery arrived inbound from Tallinn. All I’ve got left to spot if these liveries now is the Estonian flag after the Latvian flag livery visited Munich right on the first day after painting.

While I’m not that satisfied with the results due to the light and the fact that I had to end the spotting on friday before weather became way better due to the closure of the spotting terrace by the police.

If you want to see more pictures, also have a look at my social media channels and my profile linked below.

See you next time!


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TL;DR service for @dush19: Actually, I can’t be bothered to continue this any longer but: Planes, Planes, Planes.


Nice photos!

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Okay, these are just beautiful. I’ve never seen an Easyjet Austria or Berlin livery before, those look amazing. That is also amazing that you got to see a German Air Force plane that is just great hope someday I can see something like that. Lastly, that last photo of airBaltic I have never seen that livery before, maybe someday that livery can be in IF as it looks lovely.

I’ll have to go through and see your other threads as I haven’t seen them before and these are just amazing.

What camera did you take these with by the way?

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These photos are amazing! Great job as always, @Moritz ❤️


Awesome pics!

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The LOT Q400 and AirBaltic CS300 are amazing!

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There some amazing photos great work 👏

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How to save money, Greek style!
It was the Prime Minister btw, not the President 😉

Great photos!

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These are some amazing photos, 4 and 6 are my favourite!
Great work!

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Thanks guys :) nice to hear you aren’t as harsh critics as I am 😉

I knew I would get it wrong 😂

For the pics shown here I used my Canon EOS 80D, for some taxi shots not posted here I also used my old Canon 1200D since I didn’t want to change lenses all the time.

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Stunning catch mate. I certainly love LOT Dash 8 liveries, containing plenty of special ones too. I would also wish to see them in Infinite Flight. just surprised this livery wasn’t added in the first place. I have also created a Features topic for this, you may take a look here.

Further will do, stunning catches and I hope you enjoyed your stay in Berlin! If only I ever had any time to be able to travel in such places. Here in Ireland I am packed with books to learn for the Leaving Certificate. Maybe one day I will be able to post another Spotting topic. 👀

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Very nice photos! I flown on an AC Rouge exactly like that not long ago too!

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I’m still waiting to catch that retro E-Jet of LOT one day, all these retro planes around are really good looking 😍

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