Another spotting thread :)

Welcome back to another spotting thread! During the spotting trip some special visitors came and last mins runway change lol, enjoy the pics!

Turkish Airlines A350 and special livery!

Fedex MD-11F arriving after an air test

Qantas Yam dreaming 787!

Finnair A350 dashing into the gate!

Face 2 face with the 777!

And Lastly Las Vegas Sands corp A340-500!

Thats all for tdy! Thanks for viewing and feel free to vote for your favourite! Have a great rest of ur day/night

  • Qantas Yam
  • Las vegas sands 340
  • Fedex MD11
  • 777
  • Turkish
  • Finnair
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Finnair racoon is so beutiful :)

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Amazing shots, that A340 looks really nice

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