Another spotting day!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another spotting thread! Quite abit of stuff this time!

Starting off with AirCanada 777 toothpaste livery

Silkway west airlines brand new 777F

Ana Pokemon livery

Ana star alliance livery pan

Skyteam galore (AirFrance,KLM,China eastern)

Omni Air International 767 dashing past the viewing mall

Lastly, Finnair A350 pulling into the gate

  • AirCanada
  • Pokemon
  • Skyteam galore
  • Omni
  • Finnair
  • Star alliance
  • Silkway
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Thats all for this time! Thanks for viewing and have a nice day :) feel free to vote for ur fav


That Finnair one is amazing. Huge respect for those panning shots, those aren’t easy at all!

what shutter speed did you use on the star alliance one?

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Thank you!! Yeah those took months of practice lol
The Star alliance shot was taken on 1/8 shutter

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thats crazy lol

Cool shots, just gotta work on the masking again. Your previous topics have been amazing, but there’s some clear masking errors in these.

Not to take away from the overall quality, the photos are great!


Mind pointing out where? Cant seems to find any
Oh yeah the masking on the Finnair im too lazy to fix cuz its so hard to mask the smaller area lol might fix in the future

1/8 and it only came out with that much blur? I’m convinced I could do more than that with 1/60

It depends on the speed of the aircraft tbh

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now im curious as to what masking is

And how fast was it going?

Idk it wont show on FR when it taxi past

All 3 landing SkyTeam shots, it’s most noticeable on the top of the fuselage close to the cockpit, and then as you’ve mentioned the Finnair. It wouldn’t be so noticeable but because of the high contrast, it’s quite easy to see.

Yeha thx for pointing out will fix when i have time lol

The images are still awesome, please don’t think I’m saying they’re not 😊


The ones that stick out to me are the space between the flap fairings on the right side wing of the Silkway, the space between the number 2 engine and the fuselage of the Air Canada, and between the flaps and the wings on most of them. But I think what Dan might be getting at is not the physical quality of the masking but rather what you do with the masking. It looks slightly unnatural and maybe a bit too overdone on some of them (mainly Air Canada and KLM SkyTeam) where the plane looks like it was photoshopped in instead of edited as a cohesive picture. Some genuine advice, I think you could use a bit less heavy of a hand especially when editing the fuselage, a lot of them are too bright/contrasty. Obviously no hate.


Yeah ik lol

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Basically too contrasty/bright? Cuz i cant stand the side being too dark lol

Honestly, reanalyzing I think your issue is that you nuke all of the shadows. You need shadows to make an image look cohesive. If you have only brights and highlights, your image will tend to look like it has no depth (“flat”).

Air Canada toothpaste is a notoriously hard plane to edit because it kind of gets discolored in the shadows and the toplit doesn’t help but I think it’s too bright on the top and the shadows are raised way too high on the bottom.

For example, this is my R2 edit I posted recently:

This is the same edit with the shadows cranked to +100:

See how it looks like it was just pasted in? It doesn’t look like it belongs on that background and is an overall messy edit.

KLM is similar. The bottom of the plane is such a similar shade to the top of the plane that it looks like it doesn’t belong.

Also side note: generally (limited exceptions) gradients work better with the dark area on top because having the gradient on the bottom makes the shadows (which are usually towards the bottom) have less impact and therefore look flat again.


Basically u don’t always need to make the bottom bright?

You should almost never make the bottom overly bright

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