Another Spotting Comp.

Here are some nice spotting pics I took at London’s Heathrow today. Got some great pics of some rare planes, hope you guys enjoy!

A BAVA A319 lands on runway 27R.

An American A320 holds short of 27R as a British Airways 777 lands.

My personal favourite of all these pictures, a British Airways DC-10 lands on runway 27R. A Lufthansa A320 holds short behind an American A320.

An American A320 takes off as a Lufthansa A320 holds short.

An Alitalia A321 lands on 27R, as the Lufthansa A320 holds short.

A South African Airlines 747-200 parks as a FedEx MD-11 and a Cargolux 747 taxi to runway 27L.

A FedEx 777 takes off from 27L as the South African 747-200 is parked.

Hope ya’ll enjoy 📸📸📸 Let me know what your favorite is below!


where was the first pic at?

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27R at EGLL on expert

I took off there earlier today to paris and I was in the same plane

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More awesome pictures as usual bud! Keep up the amazing work!

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Nice! Was it a BAVA?

thought that was me:(

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But yes it was a BAVA A319 100

Nice pics! I just wonder if that American A320 is going transatlantic 🤔

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Possibly. It could make it to KJFK.