Another space adventure...

Hey! So recently I’ve seen @samw223 finding some airports in southern America that had the terrain glitch on them! (SVUQ)

Of course like many others i started playing around in an F-22… i went through the airport at around 1000knts, and went immediately through the ground.

I came down to around -500,000ft… then, i started going up, and up… and up… and up…

It’s been almost 2 hours since that happened, I’ve exited Earth’s Atmosphere and am still ascending at 234,000,000ft… I’m not stopping yet…

I wonder if this is the highest altitude? Except from @Mavic… That will forever remain a mystery to me.

Lol, the fun you can have here… I wonder how high I’ll get?

Happy Spacing!


Great picture mate!

This happen to me once in the A380.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you look to your left, you will see the moon

@Qantas094 I guess I have proved you wrong ;)



It’s still the same size 😂

@AlphaSeven What altitude was that?

@AlphaSeven that’s the Earth you see there mate.

Good luck with getting to the Moon mate.

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It’s the moon now 🌚

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I remember during a pre-global live stream the developers mentioned that the moon is a physical entity (so you could technically land on it). It’s been nearly two years and no one has done it yet. I wonder who (if anyone) will be the first 👀.


Not to flex but



yes this happen to me

but I did not really need to find an airport with terrain glitch cuz I was at Heathrow

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Legend says he is still ascending…

I could have but I quit at 254,000,000ft I got super bored after 2 hours and 23 minutes 😂

Wow great photos😀

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