Another situation on IF

Yes I have tried using a different network but ain’t work

Are you using a VPN?

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No what is that

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with what a VPN is

It looks like you’re still trying to connect on cellular though. Have you definitely tried a WiFi network?

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Nop i do not have a wifi network only my phone but The problem is not the wifi Bc the plane loads the airport loads the app loads YouTube is working google is working and the only problem that is not working on infinite flight is the live server

So why have you said that you’ve tried on a different network when you haven’t?
We can’t help you if you’re not being honest.

The problem here is most likely your service provider. Internet isn’t a “one glove fits all” where as YouTube works, everything else will. Internet is a very, very big road with a lot of different lanes… and sometimes some of those lanes may be closed for any reason.

Since nobody else have reported this issue, it’s most likely a very localized issue for users with your service provider in your area.

I would prefer things were different but I would say this will most likely end up just fixing itself within a short amount of time. That’s how things like this usually are.

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I ment I tried with another network of celular

But I don’t have a house wifi Network

How? Honestly asking since if you don’t have dual-sim/eSIM on your device and are using dual plans… it’s not really possible :)

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Ohh ok so Now u guys can’t help me to fix the problem ?

I haved the exact same problem some time ago regularly, my internet speed/connection was very reliable everything else works fast and well like YouTube, Instagram, yada yada Google and everything, device storage is more than enough but somehow when I open Infinite Flight everything loads nicely such as choosing your plane etc. But when I spawned into the airport everything is green tick except for the live server the only one with red error icon, it still confuses me how you can have such a good connection but live server isn’t green i wish we can find the real solution to this server problem because im sure we aren’t the only one’s which had this problem

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Thanks budik I’m not the only one ik the problem is Infinite Flight app

Is your cellular network fast or atleast stable?

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You’re not listening.
If it was the app or our servers, nobody would be able to connect.
Currently there are 1025 active users flying on the servers.

Some service providers in certain countries are trickier than others I’m afraid.
We are of course investigating this and are looking into what we can do to circumvent this. But the root cause isn’t on our end.

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Yew it is fast and stable

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This was once like a 4 hour flight I did, Connection on other apps were working very well and stable but in IF live server wasn’t good even though the flight finished luckily I wasn’t disconnected because look how many times it disconnected and reconnected


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That’s the problem I have Everything on green and the live server red lol

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@Tina_Kwesha @jetblue816

You have two very different problems. Not related.


Alright I’ve seen in another topic that although it’s fast and stable it just doesn’t want to work
As schyllberg said its not the app since all of the players will have the same issue

It might be your provider as

Just as an example it might be your service provider
He did also state that you can try and use a vpn ( ik this might not work since its on a similar problem but it doesn’t hurt to try)

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How should i use vpn

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