Another Short 777 Flight

While planning a hop from Punta Cana I seen that Air France operates a route from Punta Cana to las americas and guess what a Boeing 777-300ER!!! (According to ) I kinda realized that I tried it out and liked how Dominican Republic was nice to go and tried it again but with the 77W


Boeing 777-200ER/777-300ER

Which photos do you like and what do you think about this route


Hey nice shots you have there! Great editing all around! ;)

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glad you liked it

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WOW!! Nice shots. Both the camera positions/angles and editing is amazing! Love the first one the most I think… with the engine and gear tilt and beautiful sky!

Also! Happy Birthday…

thanks! mate

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Hi there, would love to draw one of those angles

Looking good with landing

Santa cruz and Las Americas are my favs.