Another Shelved Event, Another Poll (Votes Reset, Go Again)

God I hate to make these threads as I feel I’m annoying you all because I didn’t serve the event people voted for as someone did so before.

Why am I making one again?
Well, the last event people wanted got taken like always by another person, forcing me to shelf the event until I think it is an appropriate time to revisit. Mind you, this has happened twice now.

Why not go for the second option?
There were a tiny amount of votes compared to the top result and ties with other results too. So it feels appropriate to do so again.

Again, I hate to make these as I just feel I’m pestering you for my own gain. If you feel that’s not the case, okay from me.

To the blimming poll now for a next flyout.

  • Athens
  • Mumbai
  • Perth
  • Santiago
  • San José (CA)
  • Johannesburg/Cape Town
  • Moscow
  • Toronto
  • Helsinki
  • Warsaw
  • Jakarta
  • Panama City
  • San Francisco

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If you have any other suggestions for a city, do let me know.


Cape Town has some nice scenery around it.

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Perth is also a nice event spot

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Alright size. Might consider it.

Toronto has a nice Lake Approach 👀


Why didn’t I put that?

Maybe add San Jose. It has a nice loop departure

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I’ve reset all votes to make room for some of the new options that the boys above suggested.

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