Another sad day at EGFF and EGDX

Well a sad but kind of happy welcome to my post, I made the trip up to Cardiff Airport a few days ago to see the BA planes with the confirmation that they will never fly for BA again being confirmed just days before. Many of the aircraft have been moved around to slow for a 787-8 and 2 77’s to depart so I finally managed to get a semi-decent look at the BA city of Swansea landor livery (this is special to me because I am from around where it is named and it’s a beautiful livery!). Sorry I went off on a tangent anyway back on subject. I also drove past the facilities of Ecube and Cardiff aviation where many planes say awaiting a new owner, in storage or due to be scrapped.

All of these photos were taken either on my IPhone XR or my Sony cybershot HX-300

A shot of the parked aircraft on the apron on gates 12,13,14,15,16 and 17

One of the Oneworld 747-400’s at Cardiff G-CIVZ alongside 772 G-YMMI

Parked I front of the OPS depo is G-BYGD

G-BNLY sits waiting on the apron

For some reason G-BYGC has its APU on and one engine cover removed, I wonder why this is?


Finally we move to St Athan where Virgin Atlantic’s final 747-400 G-VAST can be seen in its final resting place

last but not least an Air Moldova A320-200 is sat in storage waiting out the pandemic

Thanks for Viewing and I hope you like them
Thanks a lot!


RIP BA 747’s


Air Moldova ❤😭

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They have a Beautiful livery

Yea, shame to see them parked. I usually fly them to Moldova when going to visit relatives.

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