Another Round of West African Vacation to Naija Pt.1

Due to the Nigerian music that got me motivated, I decided to travel again to Naija this time going to Port Harcourt the next day. So let’s hop on board these three planes from my hometown to get to Lagos and spend a night at a hotel.

First Flight: United Airlines (Operated by GoJet Airlines) Flight 4408: St. Louis to Newark 🇺🇸
Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-700
Origin: St. Louis Lambert Int’l Airport (KSTL)
Destination: Newark Liberty Int’l Airport (KEWR)
Flight Time: 1hr 59mins
Server: Expert

Here goes my first ride down to Newark, ready to board from Gate A21, St. Louis Airport

Flight attendants, prepare for takeoff. Wee! and off we gooooo!!! RWY 29 off to Newark

One hour later, we have reached FL350, flying past Cleveland Ohio as we can see Lake Eerie. Let’s enjoy some snacks and beverages while we are en route to EWR

Flight attendants, prepare for landing. We are about to touch down RWY 22L at Newark Liberty International Airport and arrive for our six-hour layover. Thanks for flying with me on this first flight. What a great flight! Let’s crave on lunch and just sleep at the airport for our layover for our next flight to London Heathrow.

Second Flight: United Airlines Flight 14 - 🇺🇸 Newark to London 🇬🇧
Aircraft: Boeing 787-10
Origin: Newark Liberty Int’l Airport (KEWR)
Destination: London Heathrow Int’l Airport (EGLL)
Flight Time: 6hrs 45mins
Server: Expert

Alrighty, after our six-hour layover, it is time to board this beast down to the UK from Terminal C Gate C122 at Newark Airport, as I feel so anxious in my stomach and also, there is a 5 hour time difference

As we had taken off, we fell asleep Zzzz amid the long flight thus, we had dinner. And now, it’s breakfast time as we enter Ireland 🇮🇪

Here we go, short final RWY 27R at London Heathrow spotting an American Boeing 77W holding short and a British Airways Boeing 77W at Terminal 2, meaning that we are about to touchdown and arrive at London early in the morning. So, why did we leave St. Louis in the morning and arrive in London early in the morning the next day? Because there was a six-hour time difference and we had laid over for six hours. Anyways, let’s head to Terminal 5 and catch this British Airways Flight 75 down to Naija

Final Flight: British Airways Flight 75 - 🇬🇧 London to Lagos 🇳🇬
Origin: London Heathrow Int’l Airport (EGLL)
Destination: Murtala Muhammed Int’l Airport (DNMM)
Flight Time: 6hrs 30mins
Server: Expert

Here is our final ride, at Terminal 5C Gate 55, London Airport, getting ready to board this flight down to Lagos. Are you ready for Lagos? Let’s GOOO!!! 😁😁😁

Take a look at Algeria 🇩🇿 as we cruise at FL370 over it. Let’s crave lunch, sleep, and then dinner plus dessert before we land in Lagos in the evening.

And finally, we are 100 feet before touchdown RWY 18R at Murtala Muhammed International Airport 🇳🇬. In the name of Jesus, welcome to Lagos Naija 🇳🇬. My country, god blessed where the Naija experience begins. Thanks for flying with me. Let’s go get some Jollof Rice or Afang Soup with Eba w/ Water to crave and sleep at a hotel until the next morning, we will fly to Port Harcourt on Arik Air.

I hope you enjoyed my screenshots. I will post some more shots on part 2, where it is from Lagos to Port Harcourt


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Awesome photos @Udeme_Ekpo!!

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YUMMMY. You have really yummy food on your posts. :)

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