Another Ridiculous Airline Mishap... (with UA)

So this seems to be a new and developing story; it’s less than half-a-day old:

Something about this whole situation just seems a little fishy to me. (For example, why would only the flight attendants be injured and not any passengers?)
What do you guys think? Does Boeing deserve to get sued for this, and is it even Boeing’s fault? Or is it the flight attendants’ fault for not covering their ears? Or do you think it might actually be United’s fault (for example, if they didn’t perform proper mantinence)?

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Just remember that the detectors will be in the galleys, not he main cabin where the passengers sit. I would wait to see what comes of it in all honesty. A lot of employees are abusing the brand image of their companies and using it to post fake news as seen with Ryanair so that very well could be what’s going on here.

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This is usually considered a safety hazard.

Honestly, it’s loud for the safety of everyone on board. I’d rather have a busted eardrum than not hear a fire alarm in an emergency, and end up dead.

Just my opinion though.

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Seriously United…seriously???

New health and safety edict:

Silent smoke alarms!!!

Yep, that’ll work!!!

Bit like having silent EGPWS!!! XD

Why haven’t other airlines experienced this?

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