Another Quick Question

Why are there so many people flying into LAS? How do they know it will be controlled by IFATC tomorrow?

According to the schedule, all airports featured in the event can be staffed by ATC


Well…because it’s a big airport…and it’s in the event…coincedence? Hotel? Trivago?


LAS is close to PHX then any other airport, it’s also a main hub for a lot of airlines that fly out of LAS and in the route list for the PHX event.

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ohh, that’s why. Will the 2 extra waves I added apply for this, because they aren’t written on the ATC schedule.

Check this screenshot. It’s on the schedule

Yes, it will apply for the duration of the day.

yes, I did. But I added 2 extra waves with destinations that weren’t added to the destination list there. Will ATC still be able to open there?

No. I don’t think so

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Yes, 0600Z to 0559Z. In fact, we have people that are ready to open KLAS right now.

Shoot. I should have added CVG sooner cause it could have been a great cargo hub

I would say not then. I believe, and I can check on this, but the destinations listed, written out, are the airport that will be opened.

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Okay. Thank you for all the answers everyone.

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