Another quick flight Tonight. Does anybody want to fly?

Does anybody want to fly From (now Singapore to Kuala Lumpur) at 10 PM MST( 12 PM Eastern, 9 PM West Coast). This flight will be in any a320 or 737 series aircraft. It should be a fairly long flight. Comment below if interested and I will respond with more details. Cruising at 25,000 ft at 315 airspeed, start descent at 85 miles to dest or earlier

I have to charge my iPad but I’ll be there again :)

I already did one from Miami to Tampa. Sorry but I can’t go.

Don’t have Florida :/ any other region I’ve bought I’d say yes…sorry man 😭🛫❤️

Do you want to fly in a different region tonight?

Who you talking to? 😂✈️🛫

Sure, maybe a free region

What paid regions do you have?

We might change locations

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Let me put it this way (the regions I don’t have).

I do not have Florida, Hawai, London, Caribean, New York, Paris, or sadly Seattle

How about Singapore?

It’s never clear who I am talking to lol

David Singapore?

Haha understood bud 😂😂👍🏼

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To everyone interested, Singapore works

I’ll be there! I’m in mountain time so let me figure the time…

Also I am 508 so you should know me instantly :)

is California east or west coast?? I keep forgetting these things…

west coast

Cali is West coast, are you in Colorado?