Another Question for Creating VA

Guys, do anyone know if I can submit my application of creating the VA while I’m still in the cool down zone of IFVARB for Quitting a VA as a staff. @staff (can I pin staff?)

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What’s the VA called

China Eastern Virtual Airline

Oh ok.(ten)

huh? So what are you trying to say?

I didn’t meet 10 characters lol.

You are not permitted to submit an application for another organisation within three months of your resignation from your most recent staffing post.

However, if upon your resignation from your most recent post, you have served for more than three months, subject to the approval from the CEO of your previous organisation, you may be allowed to immediately submit an application. In this case, speak to whoever is heading your last organisation.

Not to mention, you should be contacting @IFVARB instead of the staff as that would be notifying the developers, not the appropriate individuals for this matter.


oh, thanks, btw, I really don’t know I can pin IFVARB, but thanks for telling me though

Hello @zhuTwentySix!

I can see that you just resigned from your staff position about 9 days ago. This would mean your cool down would end 30 days from when you resigned. Your cooldown will end on August 14th, 2022.

Technically speaking, you could apply to create a new VA right now, however, I recommend some planning before applying. The more time, thought, and effort out into a VA before applying will allow for a quicker approval time.

I’ll leave you with a couple links to check out.

First One: Creating a VA/VO

This page will help you get familiar with the process and the things you need to do to create a VA. This is a super helpful page.

Second One: IFVARB Polices

This page outlines IFVARB policies. I recommend reading this page as well.

If you have any other questions feel free to message me or the IFVARB. Hope this helps!


Noah Wills
IFVARB Board Member

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thank you so much for helping! I will look at it.

Im actually a trainer for this airline

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oooo, very interesting

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Yeah got asked by @Olegend049

Correction: China Airlines NOT China Eastern @ybtl.aviation


Do anyone know how can I see if my VA is pending or no? @Noah_Wills

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Any pending airlines waiting for approval or another step in the approval process can be found at this link

thanks, I just checked it, but for some reason, I can’t find my application, what should I do?

Wait for a while, it takes time for airlines to be approved and or reviewed

hummm… it seems like we need to do the old fashion way: waiting (lol)

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Hey uh, just submitt my application with full paperwork, hope you saw it.

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