Another ordinary flight to klax

(upload://2YpbmDJDyP2dHOL7LtG6g2Jwv2B.jpeg) cleared for immediate despite anyone being at san diego

im on final. And are you intercepting me Air Canada?
nope just flying by :) Coast is clear number one 25R ![image|830x383] (upload://qZjVu9FEYWiPHcm8wz2lnsx8G8s.jpeg) oh hey again but im number one! very smart a go-around gonna be too late for me to soon. Okay you’re not cleared to land and fedex you’re not cleared on the runway! this is why I wanted emergency breaks
is everyone ok?


Rip that one image

What server is this on?

Training but it might as well be casual.

Make sure you say what server, airport, plane and time in Zulu


That’s great pics almost hit the other plane 😬😄👍🏽

Happy cake day!


Thanks buddy 🥳👍🏽

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