Another Moderator joins the ranks!


I am proud to welcome @Levet to our Infinite Flight Community Forum Moderating Team! Chris brings a fresh perspective with an eagerness to serve this community. His real-world experience and infectious attitude makes him a perfect candidate for the position.

Chris’s most notable involvement in the community is the successful mentorship program found here. Though he stays busy mentoring others, Chris also takes every opportunity to assist in #support and make each newcomer feel welcome.

As we approach our highly-anticipated update we must prepare for an increase in forum activity and have decided to grow our team so that you, the community, have an active force creating the environment you desire.

Please be patient as we properly train Chris and give him every opportunity to succeed as your newest Moderator. We appreciate each of you and hope you will continue to provide feedback!

Your Moderating Team


Who’s this Chris guy? Seems like a real piece of work


Great addition! A very diverse team of moderators each bringing something different.


He definitely deserved that, he is a great role model!


Congratulations @Levet


Congrats! I seen you helping out people while in the community. Good job on the position!


Welcome to the team, Chris! Still trying to figure out who you bribed to rise so quickly…

Seriously though, you’ve been a tremendous resource and help and I’m really glad to have you onboard!


Nice stuff, Chris. You’ll be a great addition. :)

Hopefully I can @ you when my cat gets stuck in a tree.


Congratulations, Chris! Absolute honor to have you on the moderating panel. You are a perfect fit for it. It’s very rare to have someone with such a heartwarming and pleasant attitude around here.

Best of luck on your future endeavors in the community! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for all of us! :)


I’m glad to see another moderator join the ranks, and one who has a great heart. Good on you, Chris!

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Youhou, Congrats Chris ! You deserve this position a lot.

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Cris just praying that you would help out the team even more than before.IF OFR LIFE

Welcome Chris. Congrats on the position. I myself look forward to your insight…

Congratulations! Go Infinite Flight! Go Chris!

Congrats Bud!!! :)


Nice Chris, I always had a feeeling you’d become a mod

And another one… bamboozled!

In all seriousness though, welcome Chris. You are probably one of the best, and if not greatest, role models here. You show proper thought in each post you make, and I admire you for that. I wish you luck!


Believe it or not I predicted that Chris Levet was gonna be a Moderator, this man has served as a mentor and really as a father figure to me. He is a mod now and he shows the good of the community, this man has contributed so much to the forum with his leadership skills and mentorship skills. He has helped and introduced community members to this forum in the correct way, god bless Levet and he will serve as another great addition to our wonderful moderation team!


Congrats @Levet ! Well deserved, you seem like a great guy both on and off IF.

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Congratulations my friend! Well deserved, and well done!