Another Missing Plane
Hope Everyone are Okay, The Plane still missing until now (02:12 PM GMT Time, 2 October)

  1. Nurul Fatin M
  2. Lisa Falentin
  3. Riza Arman
  4. Sakhi Arqam
  5. M Natsir
  6. Afif (infant)
  7. Ayi (infant)
  8. Capten Afriadi (pilot)
  9. Yudhistira (first officer)
  10. Sukris (mechanic)
    All are Indonesians

Fortunately it’s “only” a Twin Otter and not a jetliner…

“Only a Twin-Otter”? What a load of crap! There are 10 souls on-board that aircraft, they could all be dead! Have some respect! When people here reports of a car crash and the car that crashed was a Nissan Micra, They don’t go and say “At least it wasn’t a Lamborghini” do they?!


Yes, fortunately. I know 10 people could be confirmed dead, and I pay my respects. But it is only a minor incident, a major incident IMO is over 50 people confirmed dead, and I felt sorry for those on JAL123. But also remember, the media can come up with a lot of rumours. You never know, it could be found diverted to another airport, @B767fan don’t get so upset, we yet to find out the truth!

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I know. But Laurens needs to show some respect!

I know he does, he knows he does, you don’t know he does. I know your comparison is a real deal, no one would care if it was a Nissan Micra. But it’s like school really, compared to the most unpopular kid pulling out, to the popular football sporty guy pulling out, the popular guy will be missed much. But remember, don’t always focus on the news. I focus on the news when I want to hear the weather, I read aviation articles on avgeek websites to find out about aviation in general, incidents and accidents and also new arrivals. Calm Down, it’s okay… The media are like a bunch of monkeys, they steal and throw crap at eachother :)


Tru dat! (fill)

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I was referring to the aircraft size, “rather” a Twin Otter with 10 souls on board than a jet with 180…

The Twin Otter itself is a lovely aircraft :)


yes best not to speculate until something has been confirmed. Could have been diverted.

10 people missing is still MAJOR! A minor incident is where the aircraft is damaged on the ground with no people injured.

OK, sorry for being a bit harsh…

@Captain_DJ @David_Lockwood Indonesians Official reported that The Aircraft wasn’t diverted to any airport when It was Missing. The Plane was on 8.000 Feet and Scheduled to Land on Makassar at 3 PM (Local Time) and The Plane was on stable Condition

Ok thanks, potential as news.