Another medium hop

I wanted to do this route for a while now and finally did it. Brittain to Switzerland. As we took off there was a light breeze but not too much. When we landed a plane spotter got a shot of us on the runway and sent it to me. As I was parked at the gate a passenger took a photo of the aircraft and looks great.

Server: Training server
Route: EGLL-LFSB or something like that…
Aircraft: A330-300
Airline: Swiss


I see SWISS, I like. Cool pictures mate 😊

Have a good day/night!


I love this pics might even put one as my background if u do not mind?!!?

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These are really nice, the close up of the winglet is great!

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Yeah, this view is amazing. I see it on 737s all of the time in Alaska because there are no jetways.


First one is gorgeous!!

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Sure go ahead, I don’t mind @Mohammad_Siddiqui. 👍

Wow! Did you use freecam for the winglet one?

Yeah, it turned out really well