Thought I’d try another idea for any plane, anywhere, anytime … how much can you get off the ground? Research on the plane you want to try-n-show-off with a video of your accomplishment.

I’ll start with the first entry using the Boeing C-17 Globemaster which is rated at 150% stress load factor for wing/body/engine/aerodynamics. I put the load at 142%, which is the most one can load … So there’s the bar!

Here’s my entry … (should be four parts, one is about a minute and the others are short)

Here another entry …


Now do the A380, with spoilers and full flaps takeoff. It’s possible, I’ve done it before


A380, highest temperature, 50 kt. headwinds, no flaps, heaviest weight possible.


Challenge accepted


Haha, I failed… Couldn’t get back wheels up, and ended up stalling out

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Keep trying, getting to know an aircrafts limits are things you’ll never forget

I like the variables of the weather, good one. Later today I’ll try this one.

Thanks for the suggestion, have you done it? If so post your video log here![quote=“Boeing707, post:3, topic:15786, full:true”]
A380, highest temperature, 50 kt. headwinds, no flaps, heaviest weight possible.

@iCoffeeCat… “Max Sends” & Sez; …Interesting & Inovative Cat! Hope you & your pioneers of IF Aviation are useing the Kiddey Server for your tests…
Seriously, the results of these type test will validate once and for all the hard work and effort the Dev have put forth to insure every IF airframe meets the Physics/ Design characteristics for a real world Air Worthiness Certificate for the IF Fleet. (OwRah, SOG!)

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Thank-you Sir for the recognition … SOG/USAREUR … Rangers lead the way

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@iCoffeeCat… Semper Fi Mac…MACSOG/RVN…

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Indeed. Highest respect for our Vets and their families.


I actually did it on Solo and recorded it since it was an experiment, I decided to post it and see what happens!

I have but never with headwind ;).

Never recorded the flight but I suggest you go to KEDW for this

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Must be high altitude runway … I’ll check it out, thanks 😎

DEN might be fun

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I did it, but I put the weight at max (red), full flaps, spoilers armed (deployed while on the ground), temp at max high, but I was at KEDW on a 33k ft runway. Take off and landing took forever.

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Okay, here’s another go at Heavy Cargo Lifting with community requested variables …

Found an extremely long runway in Colorado …

wind/gust = 4/8
temp 0
altitude of runway about 8 thou
After takeoff and after capturing favorable ascent configuration did abrupt turnaround of more than 400deg to visually acquire appropriate Airfield for aircraft configuration then continuing turn to bleed off speed and altitude to finally line up with agreed runway, then acquiring down to ground glidescope landing and coming to full stop.

Video is in two parts within one shot … first part is cockpit management of avionics and stick and rudder action. second part is same showing aircraft as it from chaser helicopter point of view. Let me know what you think and another fine tuning of wind, etc. Short runway will require some math to find the appropriate short runway.

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Pilot View

Denver Airport runway 16R

Wind Velocity - 49 KTS
Wind Gust - 49 KTS
Wind Direction - 171 degrees
Temperature - 70 F

Flaps - Full
Spoilers - Armed and deployed full


Left Wing - 117,690 KG
Right Wing - 117,690 KG
Tail Tank - 18,603 KG

Passengers - 37,070 KG

Cargo - 18,534 KG

Total - 586,217 KG
MTOW - 560,000 KG
MLW - 386,000 KG

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Same as above but from the ATC.

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Awesome aviation 😎