Another Lufthansa VA (?)

Is it possible to create another Lufthansa VA because the current one is not really active.
The VA is also pretty old and not the best Website, but I don’t want to blame the creator, I couldn’t even create a Website.
So has anyone the time to create another one?
-You need much time to create a VA and you have to plan it but I think you already know it if you want to create a VA.

I don’t want to be staff or anything like that it’s just a suggesting if someone has time to create a VA

What do you think about it?


I would love to help you with Lufthansa Virtual!

If they’re not on the VA Database somebody can…

They are still in the VA Database…

Oh, then I don’t know. I guess you could contact a mod about it…

Um… has it something to do with this Topic?

I just want to ask the community if someone would create a new LH VA

I hope someone does :)

I’ll help you with the website, just send me all the info.

I actually don’t want to create because I know nothing about this things😁 I’d just love to fly for a profesional LH VA in IF

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I already did :p

Meh, that’s ok 😂

Why dont you ask @niclasdoege himself?
Hes the CEO of Lufthansa VA

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For all the confusion:

We are restarting Lufthansa VA. All current members will have to do the whole application procces again.

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Yes the mobile Version of the old Website is terrible but we have a new Website for weeks now

Yeah but many things are missing check out the Website of United Airlines VA (for example)

I know we are currently under construction No one is perfect from the beginning


Good luck in whatever you do!

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