Another lost race to the runway...

Hi there,

Today, i flew to KMCO, and an american 737 outraced me on his way to 36R… made a few shots (expert server). I hope you enjoy them!

I landed a good 20 seconds later on 36L…


The sunset is beautiful!

That’s a nice sunset

Well, thanks! Was neither real time nor the actual time I flew!!!

That sunset is great, and you had a somewhat parallel approach. It looked like he was going a little fast on approach.

Well, TBM lands under 80kt, so cannot compare really with a 737! Was good fun though!

Nice pics 👍🏽👍🏽😎

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Nice Shots with the sunset and a missed Parallel Landing

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Maybe it because ur flying a small jet… Try 737-900 because they’re landing speed need high so u can go fast

Sure, I know. Thanks for your good advice though!

Very nice photos

Tanks a lot.

TBM is a jet? Who knew…

Nice photos by the way!

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Awesome pictures man✌🏻✌🏻 I hope you had a smooth landing!

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Oh I sorry i mean plane heh


Thanks, was okay-ish… floating a bit too much.