Another Jet bridge Issue

So I was at an event yesterday for haydentheavgeek’s Nice flyout and the jet bridge went through the plane. So I recreated it in solo today to show you.

Location: Nice/Gate 50C


I have passed this onto the editors internally and hopefully we should be able to fix it.


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50A has the same problem, not sure if there are more gates with this issue at LFMN

I am actually able to reproduce gate 50A. Haven’t checked 50C yet.

Device: iPad 8th gen
IF Version: 22.2 (1649)
Storage: 32gb
iPadOS: 15.4.1

Can both of you try and see if you can continuously reproduce this issue?

52A does not work as well, had this issue some weeks ago already…And yes I’m still able to reproduce it…

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The issue has been found, should be fixed in the next update. Thanks for the report!