Another IFATC Time Lapse - This Time At Auckland International (NZAA)!

Hey y’all!

Its about that time for another IFATC time lapse! This time I headed down to the beautiful islands of New Zealand to control Auckland approach and departure frequencies. Ended up getting some good traffic and I was able to make a nice pattern out of it, hope y’all enjoy! :D

Server: Expert Server
Airport: Auckland International (NZAA)
Controllers: Ground/Tower/ATIS - @sonar
Approach & Departure - @JAR
Date: 08/05/2022 (5 Aug., 2022)


I love IFATC timelapses!!!

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Sweet plan, nice flow!


This was a fun night! Cant wait until @NewZealandVirtual has another hub day!

Thank you, I appreciate it! :)

Yeah, always a fun area to control :)

Lol I am glad that I was able to be in the time lapse.

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Thanks for coming by, hope you enjoyed the flight and the service!

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Yeah I really did. Ilike the way how each aircraft were synchronized in the approach to Auckland.

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