Another Group Flight Tonight: Exploring Colorado

Tonight I am again planning a 270nm flight exploring the Beautiful Denver Region. Yesterday, this flight was a big success and I hope to see even more pilots attending today. The flight will start at KPUB and end at KASE. The flight will feature a tough but beautiful approach into KASE and a flyover at KDEN. Meet me at any South Apron parking spot at KPUB at 9:30pm MST ( 11:30pm Eastern, 8:30pm West Coast). My call sign is HOP7. Copy my flight plan and follow me to runway 08R. I will be the first one to takeoff and land. Cruising altitude will be 30,000ft at 280 indicated airspeed. Slow down when approaching turns. We will be starting decent to land at runway 15 at KASE at around 85 nm from dest. While descending, do not exceed 240 indicated airspeed. Note: KASE is at 8,000ft in elevation so ground speeds will be higher. Please create spacing for landing. The featured aircraft for this is the Frontier a318. If you don’t have the a318 come in either a Citation in generic livery or a Southwest 737-700 in the old livery. Comment if you will be attending! Hope to see you there!

The flight plan will be similar to this:

To practice the approach into KASE, fly this route departing KEGE. Hint: try to intercept the localizer at around 11,000 ft

Time to create a new group

###Infinite Flight Explorers Group IFEG

For the best scenery you should follow a route similar to this:

You’re completely missing out on all the great scenery in southern Colorado. 😄

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I like my FPL because there is not as much turning

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Im attending

Call sign:BBJ27

If it happens it will be on the advanced server. I may cancel this of there are less than 3 people attending

Ok.Thank you.But I dont think it will be a big turnout.

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I’d love to but I can’t this time.

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In 10 minutes I’ll say if it’s canceled or not

I might join

Actually I will join.

Im there just taxing around.Its fun

I’m N54EH. Frontier 1318

You are in the right one.

Alright, the flight is on! I’ll be there shortly, copy my FPL

The -8 isn’t fast enough. Hop in an a318 or 737

Can you make that a -700 , KASE has a short runway

Im good,I can take off from there,flap 30

If its ok with you