Another Great Update Delivered (KSEA-KRDM)

Just as from the title, the Infinite Flight team brought us another great update! I always think of it as Christmas almost every month, which is pretty great! They deserve some huge credit, literally building an aircraft from the ground up. So here’s my first E175 flight from Seattle, WA to Redmond, OR. Enjoy!

Admiring the beauty of the new E175

Takeoff on 34R, let’s go to Oregon!

Mt. Rainier Vibes

Descending into KRDM

Gear Down!

Why hello, @Kirby_D !

Touchdown in Redmond

Once again, huge thanks to the whole team at Infinite Flight!

2 other things I like:
-The new orange and black themed colors
-The small detail that the ATC voice now says ‘traffic’ instead of ‘Unicom’


Beautiful shots!