Another great flight with the A350

So earlier today I did a good flight with the A350 as usual (because I love the A350 so much). I was able to get great pictures for my flight. Let me know how I did

Details about the flight

•Aircraft: Airbus A350/ Malaysia airlines livery

•Flight time: About 4 hours and 5 minutes

•Sever: Expert

•Route VNKT ----> WMKK

So in The beginning of My flight I was parked next to an Air Asia A330. I got a picture with him and me. Then the second picture I got a beautiful view of the mountains of Nepal.

So here is when I was holding short of runway 02. After that, I Told VNKT unicom I was taking off to the south. Crew and passengers were all seated

After Departure, I got some beautiful shots of the mountains. With the sunrise, it made everything a whole lot more beautiful. In my opinion, I felt like the A350 was the king of the mountains

Since My cruising flight was that great (because there was nothing to see), I just proceeded to get some pictures during and after Landing. So here is when I was approaching Runway 32R with the APPR landing system.

When I was buttering the bread with APPR, I was able to catch another Malaysia airlines flight on my left, then 2 more on my right. One of them was a 737.

Then concluding the Flight, I taxied to park and boarded the passenger and opened the cargo doors. The A350 Never disappoints me.


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Whoops forgot to do that

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It has been fixed 👍

Wow I really love this photo! The white, snow capped mountains are just beautiful! Nice pictures!


Thank you. Infinite flight never disappoints

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Awesome flight as always! Though seeing an A350 at VNKT is a bit of a surprise :)

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very nice photos

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Amazing! Those mountains look stunning!

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