Another glitch that happened

I have made a thread about this in general but decided to bring the problem here
i have spawned in a c172 at kbna at the flight training gate and upside down and got 2 violations then immediately


You only need one topic…
The best choice would be to move the other one that you literally just responded too over to support instead of creating another one. We’d like to keep this forum clean.


You can edit your previous post and push it to support. But as said earlier co tact a moderator and your problem will be solved. Your flight time is 0, and there’s no reason to receive 2 aecrobatic violations.

i did i also didnt know i could do that

If you never left the ground, you shouldn’t have accrued those violations. See below the information to get them reversed.

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Please use the original post

This post is a duplicate of the one above. Thank you

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