Another Fuel Problem (maybe)


Today, I was attempting an epic 20 hour flight from Seoul to Buenos Aires in the Korean Air Airbus A380-800. Even with a full tank of gas, I still barely have enough to get to Buenos Aires (I’m talking like nine minutes). What altitude would be the best to conserve fuel? Should I just divert and refuel? Thanks!

In the first Part of the flight, you want to remain low as you will be very heavy. Depending on direction, FL320-330 would be good flight levels. As the flight continues and you get lighter, you want to step climb. Tutorial on that is here

Hope this helps


Okay. I’ll descend to FL325.

Cut engines, try a single engine descent/cruise. Make sure it’s an inboard though.

Preferably, try to avoid 500 increments as IFR aircraft if possible. VFR planes are kept at 500 increments, so if you’re IFR, try to fly at FL320 or FL330 depending on direction. It shouldn’t really be a problem at that high of an altitude, but still, it’s good practice to keep in mind

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Okay. Three engines and FL320.

Cutting an engine helped a lot, and the winds are much better at 32000 feet!

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This is because you’re heavier in the beginning of your flight. Simple as that. No need to turn of an engine.

As you burn fuel, you’ll loose weight causing the thrust to decline over time. Takes more power to push a heavy airplane forward than it does a light :)


Okay. Let the plane naturally get lighter.

I heard throwing out all the passengers and their bags out helps too. But yeah, start low, work your way up, and adjust as needed throughout the flight :)


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