Another Forgotten 747 Variant (Boeing 747-300)

Kinda forgotten but this aircraft doesn’t really get talked about that much

This aircraft the 747-300 was introduced around 1980 and this aircraft today looks similar to the More popular 747-400 but instead has like JT9D/CF6 engines and doesn’t have winglets and gotten a little more range for obvious long haul routes and fit more passengers inside but it kinda don’t have improvements to the other 747s

This was unpopular at the time since it only got 81 orders which means less than hundred like the other Boeing aircraft like the 737-600 and 767-400,Another thing it was more expensive to operate than the other 747 Variants like the 747-200 and -100 (maybe SP) and 5 years later the production stopped

As today only 1 (or more) airlines still have this aircraft and it’s either flying or stored for awhile

That’s all for today hope you like these topic for more


The -300 was basically just a -200 with a longer upper deck


It also had CF6-80’s found on later aircraft such as the 747-400, but not the same FADEC system which is genuinely quite interesting.

Important to note that the elongated upper deck allowed the 747 to cruise faster.

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Not sure about that tho…

Shall now confirm my superior intellectual capacity with this.


And I think it was fitted with those Rolls royces engines (in the Cathay 747-300)

RB211’s and JT9D’s were standard.

Yeah it’s just a -200 and -400 put in a blender 😂

I got a picture of a -300 at Goodyear. Only time I remember seeing one in person.

So sad the 747 era is coming to an end :(

Nice Also is that corsair also?

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Yes it is!


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