Another flight on British Airways! EGLL-OTHH trip report!

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to do a trip report on the flight that I did at the EGLL flyout 4 weeks ago created my my amazing friend @Butter575! I hope you all enjoy!

IAS 0.84
Expert server
6:03 flight time

Hello guys! Today I will be heading back home after a nice long vacation in London and a nice thanksgiving with my family! I had a pretty nice experience on this flight so I hope you all enjoy!

My airplane, British Airways B772!

My seat 2A, business class!

It is always super busy at EGLL!

Takeoff with pretty low visibility!

Pretty nice sights so far as we cross into the English Channel

EDDM airport

It has been a pretty uneventful flight but we are now flying over some mountains in Eastern Turkey

Stunning view of the Persian Gulf!


Thank you British Airways for a pretty nice flight in your business class back to OTHH! I had a pretty good experience and I hope to fly with this airline a lot more often!

I hope you all enjoyed and sorry I haven’t posted a trip report in a while, I just have been busy with other things. But I would also like to thank my good friend @Butter575 for a really flyout at EGLL! Have a great day everyone!


Thanks so much for the likes! Any airline requests for my next trip report?

Our inflight service flying business class. Is a favourite with our loyal passengers flying British Airways. Glad you enjoyed the flight. I’m sure you’ll fly with us again in the future.

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Oh I have tons of British Airways trip reports planned in the future! Don’t worry!

Welcome onboard, hears to your future flights with us.

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