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If you remember, I made a topic about my attempt at a flight from KJFK to YSSY on Qantas’ B744. I managed to make it to YSSY non stop with 18 minutes of fuel to spare. This time, I’m going to try to fly back to New York. I have some questions about this flight.

What would be the most efficient altitude to cruise at?

How much wind would I experience during the flight?

What would be a good airport to divert to in case of an emergency (Midwest)?

What settings should I have my weight and balance on to maximize range?

Would cutting an engine help, and if so, when?

Could I even make the eastbound trip?


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Step climb until you reach FL380 or FL390 depending on your direction

I recommend using very useful website that will show you real life wind information

its up to you to decide , most of the time its the nearest airport

I think the best time to cut it is during descend you wont need that much power , all 4 should remain open throughout the flight because you need speed ;)

if the wind is in your favor I think thats possible

I hope this helps , thank you!!!

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I think at the weight my plane is at, it’ll burn quite a bit of fuel up there.

I’ve tried step climbing and it doesn’t work either.

You could try it out , if its not efficient then you should descend , but the most efficent is up there

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it usually works for me , I dont know why it wont for you , what did you do on the first flight ?

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I cruised at FL320 and descended to FL280 12 hours in. I’m looking at and it looks like there’s some light headwinds across the pacific and some strong tailwinds while approaching the east coast.

I say give it a try ;)

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Okay, I’ll try cruising at FL310 and then descend when I wake up.

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Should I do the thing where you refuel right before you line up on the runway?

up to you really , if you see it necessary then go for it!!!

after all the B747 drink a LOT of fuel :)

And we’re off!

good luck , and enjoy your flight!!!
if it doesn’t work come back here we will try to see what happened and hopefully make it work next time ;)

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So far everything looks hunky dory.

And my phone ran out of battery two hours in

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That is really unfortunate, well, you can always restart

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Use . it is amazing, and has all of the info, for step climb if u want etc.

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