Another Flight for Lunch (300th flying hour)

Hello IFC,
Today myself, my brother and a recent student pilot who is also our friend decided to fly the 145 miles up from my hometown airport to Sikeston,MO to eat at Lamberts Cafe. We left st around 9am and got into Sikeston a little after 11am. Our total flight time was 2 hours there and back for a total of 4 hours. It was a perfect day with clear skies and calm winds. Enjoy!


Glad you guys had fun

Thanks! Pictures just added!

Wow I’m jealous last time I flew in a Cessna was 5 years ago

That’s a long time! It’s lots of fun

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Yes I still remember it clearly

Wow, I just came here from @N1RG’s thread! XD

Anyways, like I said in his thread and I’ll say it again on this one, I have never heard of anyone taking an airplane just to have lunch until I knew these 2 brothers.

Hope you guys had fun! :D

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Thanks! We do it often. Clear day calm winds why not go flying for lunch

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Wow… Your lucky that you get to do stuff like that. If I tried to pull any stunt like that, my dad would have me skinned alive.

Its a figure of speech.

Thanks! My parents trust me a lot and basically let me go anywhere that I want to fly as long as I’m back before The day ends

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