(Another) Fan-Created Trailer [Unofficial]

So, recently, I decided to mess around with my editing and recording software and try to make one of those fan-created trailers for the game. Hopefully I’ll be able to improve on the quality in the future. Here it is.

If you guys wan to see some more with a specific plane or airline, let me know, and I’ll try to make another one if you guys liked it. Subscribe to see more! (Maybe suggest some songs too?) Thanks!


Looks nice!

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This video is amazing! I love how each cut was on beat with the music, the angles of the shots, and especially that part where the music stops and you can hear the jet. Job well done!


Them was some nice landings you did there! Good job!

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Thank you guys! Glad you like it

Nice! Love it! :D

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Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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That was amazing! Loved it!

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Nice vid bro nice job

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