Another example of messing around on expert server

This time I was at KMCO about 30 minutes ago. I was doing my first SWV flight down to KMIA, as I was taxiing out I saw this

Even before I took the screenshot he was in and I say “in” the 737. There was active atc and he was not ghosted now I know atc are busy and I’m not criticizing them it just makes me sick to see these kind of people is ES. Even after that incident he proceeded to high speed taxi to the runway


Also as in all other cases maybe PM a mod /staff with proof and see if they can do anything… :)


I tried that last time and got no response

I understand what you mean.

this happened to me yesterday

Did he park next or spawn in?

Spawn in next to me

Well then its not his fault probably didnt even know you were there… Of course he could respawn but…

ATC generally won’t ghost on spawn (we have to assume good faith too) when 2 aircraft decide to start up at the same gate. Either find a different parking space, or they will, it’s not that big of a deal.


I was probably the controller then. I hear you, I see the pic above. Sometimes from tower/ground we only see white boxes when there are a lot of aircraft to render so a “bump” like that might not be readily apparent if it is busy. It could also have been a connection issue and the other pilot spawned out and wasn’t seen.


This seriously needs to stop… why do people think it’s good to ruin people’s experience on ES? If you want to mess around go on casual.


Yes but I don’t think so cause he started speeding a while back when he realized he wasn’t going to make it he tried to stop but it was to late he plowed right into him

was he actually over 30?

On ES, these kind of people are upsetting, I know, but accedentally I once taxied in someone and I got ghosted as he just came up as a dot in my screen, so maybe that’s also the case here…

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IMo this needs fixing. Either download all liveries liek before, or show the generic livery or downloading

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