Another escort a few days ago

Not True, but…
Pilots resigned from FedEx and escort Delta for fun. Literally bored to fly from KSFO to KSAN so boxes can’t be delivered. I accidently infinitely escorting other players simulatedly. Sorry to the player whom I escorted… Please comment to the video if you are the player.

KSFO to KSAN, Training Server on Dec 22nd


Hello this unfortunately violated the screenshots and videos section rules because we can clearly see the ui as well as the map. Feel free to take down your post and remove the ui.


May I ask your help because when I tried to take down the post by deleting it, um the system asked me to flag it first. What’s the next step in doing this?

I have flagged it for you.

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Feel free to make any of these topics you want just make sure that the ui and names are hidden

Apparently the video has been deleted. Thx for the reminder

There is no place in the category rules that specifically prohibit name tags and UI in videos. Pictures must adhere to this rule.

Alright. I sincerely apologise for violating the policies.