Another Discourse Update!


Recently, Discourse changed its format for the Categories… Some people were happy with it. I wasn’t unhappy, but it wasn’t something I was looking forward to getting used too.

Here is how it looks now after another update.

What are your thoughts on this update? Looks like they might have changed it due to the lack of support for the idea? Tell me down below what you think.

Did you like when they condensed it? Or do you like it more now?


TBh i dont really care. I honestly cant tell the difference


We from received a Update on August 7th which included i.e. The Category Format Change and then we had another one on August 8th which was some minor fixes here and there :)

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I recently noticed this too. Is this new?


Hmm, never realized that too… I think it is, good eye!

I prefer it now. Means you don’t have to click 3 times to get to your topic area in some cases.

I didn’t even know they changed it until now

I believe that one of the small fixes that was made yesterday, possibly ;)

Also i used to have a issue with not being able to edit old posts which has been resolved with these two new updates, from what it looks like… 🤔

Wait so what is the new update? I don’t really pay attention so stick with me. :)

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