Another Delivery Flight

I decided this time to deliver a brand new CRJ-900 to China Express and their home base of ZUCK. The route took me from Mirabel (CYMX) nonstop to Wrangell (PAWG). ‘‘Twas a quick fuel stop and then we continued up to Nome (PAOM) where the wx was down close to minimums with gusting crosswinds.

I used the LDA-C approach into Wrangell which has an 8 degree offset due to terrain followed by the Level Island Three ODP which required a 50 degree turn after 400’ for the same terrain issues. Upon reaching Nome, the weather was 2SM vis with -RA but howling winds out of the SE. proceed with the procedure turn for the LOC/DME BC Rwy 10 and landed for a well deserved night stop.

Continuing this morning nonstop to Ignatyevo (UHBB) and then the final leg to Chungking. Call sign is China Express 9988 if you want to follow.


I saw you on live flight yesterday. Before reading this I was thinking why is China Express in Canada. Makes a lot more scene now 😂

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I love making my own little scenarios like this in IF. Just last week, I flew a WOW A330 to The Mojave Retirement Field from Reykjavik. That aside, nice pictures!

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Amazing screenshots

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