Another day of spotting!

Etihad ADNOC choose Singapore arriving on a moody morning!

Singapore Airlines A350 with the10,000 Airbus Aircraft sticker arriving with golden hour lightning

Shot on 9V-SHG!

SWISS Boeing 777!

Cargo operation!

Finnish A350 arriving from Helsinki in golden hour lightning!



You’ve got some nice pictures here. Awesome work! Unfortunately however, as per the #real-world-aviation:spotting rules, you are only allowed a maximum of 10 pictures per post, so please edit and limit it down to your favourite/best 10 photos.

More information on the #real-world-aviation:spotting rules can be found linked below:

Take care mate!

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Oops my bad I’ma edit lol

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Ight limit down to 10 pics :)

Those look great! I really like the Etihad livery!

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Even know they are telling you to limite them down to 10 those pictures are Awsome and I always wanted to fly on those planes

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Nice photos. What airport is this?

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Loving the A350 photos! Nice work! 👍


Singapore Changi.

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Loving those 777 shots 😍!

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The finnair a350 is looking as magnificent as ever!

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I think I like the Swiss 777 a lot

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The Swiss 777 looks amazing :)

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Great photos what camera u have?

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Thanks! I use an really old camera Sony A290

Got a link for it?

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